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Welcome to Music Samurai your One Stop Shop for Licensing Music for your productions. We pride ourselves on only licensing music for Film, Television, DVD, Mobile and Online anywhere in the world. Our catalog only holds tracks that are a cut above the rest, that will put your production to the next level. Pick your track, hit the license button then enter your Registration and Usage details and we will let you know the price. Its that easy. Once confirmed we email you the contracts and once payment is received we email you the tracks. All legal, all easy, for any media for any region in the world. No production is too big or small we do licensing for everything. Contact us and be amazed at what licensed music you can use today for your production.  
You must be a Registered User to Preview and License Music Tracks on Music Samurai. Registration Before lodging your registration please read the Terms and Conditions for the licensing of any Music Samurai tracks. Then select the Register button, your email address is required for registration and to login, your password will be sent to you when processing is completed. Register Here
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